Signature Card Stock

Signature Card Stock

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A check like paper, made with a basket-weave pattern that is embedded into the paper therefore not allowing it to be effectively reproduced. Great for applications such as cd’s, gift certificates, coupons, event admission passes, etc. Copier, laser and ink-jet guaranteed.

Perfect for preventing against document alteration, forgery, and counterfeiting. Ideal for business documents. Have your company logo put on.
  • Color reaction triggered by use of bleach,oxidizers, solvents, acid or alkali materials
  • Two-sided pattern makes cutting and pasting impossible.
  • Prevents toner removal

Compatible with copiers and laser jet printers. Colors is front and back. $0.15 per sheet, $15.00 per package, Quantity of 1 = 100.

Imprinting available: Company logo added and consecutive numbering.

Quantity (100 sheets per package)